Quality Infrastructure,
One Node at a Time

Building the rails for the future of crypto – backed by industry veterans with an unparalleled level of care and commitment.

Accessible Core Infrastructure

We help decentralized technologies scale by providing solutions that are highly available and perform under pressure. Our team takes pride in helping to grow the blockchain ecosystem, without compromise.

Our Mission

We started Node Providers to provide quality infrastructure in the crypto space and create a rock solid foundation for the influx of innovation within the sector. Our team believes in true decentralization and censorship resistance - we use bare metal hardware in data centers that we own and operate.

As part of the larger community, we host and co-host events in the Austin area where we speak about our experiences and opinions of the changing regulatory landscape, and provide solutions that crypto companies can leverage to stay on the right side of trouble. We implement the best approaches to node hosting, network design, asset management, and development in order to facilitate growth in our shared industry.

Our Core Values

We always hold to our principles and they guide us to do the hard things right.


We belive that a decentralized financial system will usher in an equitable future for us all.


Censorship resistance is important, that’s why we own all of our hardware and operate all of our nodes in-house.


We remain diligent and redundant at all times –regardless of extenuating circumstances.

Our Team

Quin Weidner
Co Founder and CEO
Johnny Dilley
Co Founder
Neil Player
Security Engineer
Sam Lombardo
Vice President
Kiara Bickers
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